24 Nov

Understand the Different Types of Weaves For Fabulous Hairstyles

Today, weaves are more popular than ever and are being worn by many Hollywood stars. This type of method adds volume, highlights, and length to a woman’s hair so she can change her style while decreasing the stress placed on her natural hair. There are now many different types a woman can choose from to ensure she gets the look she wants, at a price she can afford. This information will help a woman to choose the right type for her budget.

Sewing is the most common method of attaching hair extensions to a woman’s hair. Her natural hair is styled into cornrows, in a specific pattern so the hair can be sewn in place. This type does not use any chemicals so it is not harmful to the hair. Because the natural hair is braided, it stays protected and is less likely to become damaged during the process of attachment. This method typically lasts longer than other methods.

Strand by strand attachment takes small sections of hair and braids an extension with the natural hair to attach it in place. The hair is then sewn together or wrapped with thread that closely matches the woman’s natural hair color. While this is preferred over bonding methods, the process is time-consuming which equates to a higher price at the salon.

Bonding is one of the least expensive methods but is also the most damaging. Wefts of hair are glued close to the scalp. Unfortunately, bonding can lead to hair loss because it places too much stress on the root of the hair. There is an option that is similar to bonding but less damaging. Fusion options use a keratin protein to fuse the natural hair with the human weft hair so the two become one without the need for glue.

Before deciding on any hair weft weave-in, it is crucial a woman takes time in the process and learns about the different options that are available to her. Ideally, a woman should choose a method that will not damage her hair and will allow the weft hair to stay in place for as long as possible.