24 Dec

Perfect As a Home in Between Homes

My husband and I recently needed to find apartments for Silver Spring MD quickly due to a communication breakdown between my husband and the people building our retirement home. In order to save money, my husband assumed the general contractor position for the new house. He hires the people who do all the other stuff, such as the drywall, roof, electricians, plumbing, etc. It’s a big job and one, I must say, he’s not really up to the task of doing. You need to know who to call and who to play hardball with in order to get stuff done and he failed to do it.

The result? We’re going to be homeless for about six months. Our old house is sold and the new owners want to move in, yet we can’t possibly live in our new home seeing as how the plumbing is half done and there isn’t a roof. It will take months to get it to the point where we can move our stuff in. In the meantime we needed an apartment while we stored our furniture in our new garage.

I got a sick feeling in my stomach when starting to search for a place. There were so many things we needed, and needed quickly, and I wasn’t sure such a place existed. I had visions of us living in our car when I finally stumbled over a place offering apartment homes, with lots of pleasant amenities, that was well within our budget. The people at the office laughed when we explained our conundrum and said they’d seen people like us before and that we were welcome to move in whenever needed. I was so happy I almost hugged the office manager! The apartment home we’ll be living in is gorgeous and roomy and just perfect. What a relief!