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“A lot of times, I think we think of Manitowoc as just this

Now that anybody can produce technically perfect, beautiful images with digital photography, we’re seeing a countercurrent of interest in producing images that are not perfect but grainy, backlit, overexposed, blurred anything that suggests a human touch. The smartphone app Hipstamatic boasts that “digital photography never looked so analog,” and Instagram, snapped up by Facebook for $1 billion, goes for the Polaroid look. The message? Working toward perfection is just an option, not an obligation.

fake oakleys “They traveled all over the world. I never would have imagined Buffalo Bill came to Manitowoc until I read about it,” said Amy Meyer, Manitowoc County Historical Society director. “A lot of times, I think we think of Manitowoc as just this industrial ship building center and we’re kind of in our own little bubble. fake oakleys

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