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He said a brainwashed people with a cult like devotion to their

Broadcaster Matt Cooper has spoken about his attendance at one of the most bizarre basketball games in history which culminated in former NBA star Dennis Rodman leading 40 pandora sale,000 people in singing happy birthday to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong un.He said a brainwashed people with a cult like devotion to their leader created a strange environment for what was a farcical sporting contest with an outside chance of improving diplomatic relations.”It was an extraordinary atmosphere in the sense that before the game it was almost deathly quiet and then Kim arrived with his wife, and even that was significant because there had been rumours that she may have been purged as well. But she was very much alive and there at the game.”And the crowd erupted in a way that you would rarely see. It was spontaneous and there was an outpouring of emotion.

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