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He defended the bill, saying it only prevented “government

She asked for questions from the floor, there was one or two? She had covered everything without notes, she just sailed through anything that came to mind, all very important to us all. When I went home and told my husband that I had not said a word for two hours he said. “She must be good”.

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I had a nice Yashica electro 35 camera over there that I bought at the PX. Anyone remember a Corporal Riffey that we had in Phouc Vinh? I always wondered what happened to him. He and a couple others are all the names I remember. Very hopeful and very excited that I made the right choice here. Said he tries to be a family guy and a team guy in the dressing room. He had two of his best friends get traded or moved, Johnny Boychuk and Nathan Horton, so he had to learn how to deal with the business aspect in sports.

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